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Reluctant Heroes
Reluctant Heroes
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OOC and NEWS 2 (LP)
News Scroll of the World (LP)

The Provinces

Active Games
There are a total of 14 active game threads.

Central Province

Ludus Nocte (LP)

West Province

Sea Griffons IX: Nijmegin (LP)
Chalon (LP)
Illian - A Homecoming (LP)
Critias Rising (LP)
Gambit (LP)
O' Fortunata (LP)
Reavers (LP)
Requim (LP)

East Province

Eques de Mors (LP)

North Province

Vocare' de Iuris (LP)
Formenhith (LP)
TolloAnimus Arbor (LP)

South Province

Southern Hawks (LP)

Active Kingdom Links
Iberia (LP)
Trier (LP)

Character Building
-Improving Your Character- (LP)
---Character Construction---RH (LP)

Character Information Board

Character Sketches and Information (LP)
RH Active Characters (LP)
Interesting Character Concepts (LP)
-Reluctant Heroes-EXP & TU Awards (LP)
Character Logs (LP)


Rota Regenliefd

Rota Regenliefd the Valkyrie (LP)
Rota Regenliefd Exp (LP)

Alexandre Godart

Alexandre Godart (LP)
Alexandre Godart EXP (LP)

Jamie Bogget

Jamie Boggett (LP)
Jamie Bogget - Sorcerrer (LP)

Illian the Silent

Illian the Silent
Illian Exp (LP)

Jenai Bergen

CS: Jenai Bergen (LP)
EXP: Jenai Bergen


CS: Critias (LP)
EXP: Critias Ex-Templar Merc (LP)

Elberich Mahler

Elberich Mahler (LP)
Elberich Mahler Exp (LP)

Gavyn Merrick Rice

Gavyn Merrick Rice (LP)
Gavyn Merrick Rice Exp (LP)


CS: Nulfi (LP)
EXP: Nulfi Deepcarver (LP)

Taylon Maignart

Taylon Maignart (LP)
Taylon Maignart - Exp (LP)

Jonas Wechsler

Jonas Wechsler (LP)
Jonas EXP (LP)

Kahvi Moonshade

CS: Kahvi Moonshade (LP)
EXP: Kahvi Moonshade (LP)

Bardolf Lionsbane

Bardolf Lionsbane (LP)
Bardolf EXP (LP)

Ivyian Nightblade
Ivyian Nightblade (LP)

Leonor Carrillo

Leonor Carrillo (LP)

Brandon Ashwood
Brandon Ashwood (LP)


Reluctant Heroes Sourcebooks

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The Western World Sourcebook Mini-Module (LP)
The Western World Sourcebook Mini-Monster Manual (LP)
The Western World Sourcebook DM's Manual (LP)
Friends and Foes of the Western World (LP)
Pont du Falx (LP)

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Special Thanks is owed to the artists over at for their wonderful artwork with free icons.

Thanks to SkaldSyrcha for doing such a great job with everything ~Horseman & Rasgorn

Special Thanks to Tsuyoshikentsu for making our wiki what it is!

Middle Age Goodies
The Gryphon Works

OOTS - Order of the Stick

Main Game Forum

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