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Champions of Valour
City of Splendours: Waterdeep
Dragons of Faerun
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Lords of Darkness
Lost Empires of Faerun
Magic of Faerun
Mysteries of the Moonsea
Player's Guide to Faerun
Power of Faerun
Races of Faerun
Serpent Kingdoms
Shining South
Silver Marches
The Forgotten Realms Setting
Unapproachable East

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Winter Edge
To the north of High Hold and north east of Rivermoot lies this small hamlet, the last outpost before you head towards the Frost Hills to the west. It’s a small community that is a part of the Free Towns that have been establish quite recently, mostly by Zhent retirees. The former Zhent soldiers claims to no longer have any allegiance to Zhentil Keep but the degree of Zhentarim involvement in the new settlements remains to be seen. Features in the town are the Bleeding Boulder inn, a general store, a shrine to Shandakul and a potion brewer. At times the stores can be sparsely supplied since raids against the caravans are quite frequent. Orcs, gnolls and a tribe of Uthgardt barbarians are known to roam the area to the south and south west along the roads to High Hold and Rivermoot.
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