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"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Greatest Show On Earth!--... Circus? What circus? The greatest show on earth is Life!"

The Game Starts:
Case of the Jungle Pyramids (LP) NEW
Ticking Trouble Takes Tokyo (LP)
In Her Majesty's Service (LP)
Art-Close-And-Personal (LP)

Risus Rules (Basic) (LP)

Risus Rules (Full) (LP)

Character Creation (LP)

OOC: Chatter Box (LP)

Challenge 3: Ticking Trouble Takes Tokyo (LP) is GO!

New characters always accepted. :)

Players have 3-4 days to post per round. No post = miss a turn. In some rarer cases, no post = automatically fail the die roll... In some cases, that may mean a loss of dice, in others it may mean being captured by the police.

If no posts are made by the character/player in one week, I will NPC the Character as needed until the character's Player starts posting again... If I haven't heard from a player in four weeks, the player's characters will be transfered to NPC.

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Boboroba Amazon:
Each of you is invited to prevent find a glorious treasure. A mythical Crystal Skull with Mystical Alien powers (maybe).

Come, deep into the Jungle! Beasts! Tomb Raiders! Adventure! Death! Money! Fame! - And absolutely no truth what-so-ever.
Dare you try your skills against the Amazon Pyramid Challenge?

Open to:
All level 10d6 to 14d6 characters.

- Wipe-Out Rule Change: Wiping-out a cliché (reducing to 0d6) does not eliminate the character from the game, but temporarily removes the cliché.
- Wipe-out Reward: Anyone who wipes-out a cliché (someone else's or your own through Up-Set!) gets the number of dice as Prize Points. So: Wipe out a 3d6 and get 3PP. In a failed Up-set! a really good description will get extra PP as usual.
- Posting: The first to post in a turn gets an easy 1PP and a +1 bonus to that turn's dice roll.
- NPCing absentee characters: Absentee characters will have NPC-like defenses. Most NPCs roll a fixed number (#dice x 3). So the sequence is: 1d6 = 3, 2d6 = 6, 3d6 = 9, 4d6 = 12, 5d6 = 15, 6d6 = 18.
A 4d6 cliché has a Normal DC 12 defense.

- There will be 2 parts to this challenge. A character that completes a part of the challenge gets 5PP
- The character with the most completed parts Wins. In situations of more than one with both parts completed, the character with the most New PP wins.

Advice: Try to get PP early, where you can! Post Early! 1d6 clichés are easy targets! NPC characters are fair game! If you don't want to be mean, you can win by being nice, try to remove evil/mean/negative clichés from other characters!

New "QuickFight" rules coming in a later post!

You have arrived at the Brasília airport and are meant to meet up and find "Steve" and his chartered plane. For an easy 1PP, show up and describe your character's trip and arrival, bonus 1pp if you also give the character's motivation for showing up. You have three days to post, the (first) plane will leave for the pyramids on September 15th.

There are cries world-wide: Boboroba "Did Not Do The Research"... This may be a very unusual trip...

Good Luck! All of you!
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Morgan's trip was long and uneventfull, unfortunantly he was unable to acquire proper transportation. His female companion remained quiet for most of the journey, all William could hear was the hum of his vehicle.

He finally saw the end of his extremely long and tiresome roadtrip. Morgan pulled outside of the Brasilia airport, shut off his car and opened the door.

He stood up and quickly fell "Goddamn! cramp!" His companion responded "I thought yo special ops guys were supposed to be tough"
"And I thought robots weren't smartasses" he finally brought himself to a standing posistion and stretched out. He opened the trunk of his vehicle and a computer flickered to life

"'ave ya reached tha airport?"

"Finally...only took me a few days, why couldn't you have given me a fricken heli?!"

"Too suspiscious... owe's Agent X 'oldin up?"

He looked over at the steely female who was inspecting an old man sleeping on a bench.

"Uhm...wierd? doesn't she have common sense? or something...?" he trailed off as he watched her.

"New Ay EyE sof'ware Ya'know she learns fast but she 'as ta learn's why we commissioned you ta join this Boba...Babo...Boborab, or whatever the bloode 'ell it's called."

"and my liscense?"

"temporarily renewed and if things go well you'll 'ave your liscense back with restrictions."

"Restrictions?" Morgan asked as Agent X proceeded to stare intently at the sun.

"Oi gotsta go, we'll keep in touch..." the screen flickered off and Morgan sighed.

"Ehx C'mere and help me carry our stuff to tha hotel."

"Can't we drive?" she asked, still staring at the sun.

"Outta gas..." and he was out of money, he really needed to have this field test go flawless. Morgan needed his old job back, and the hefty paycheck that came with it.

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Exiting his hotel room, he decides to help himself to the morning's continental breakfast before making his way to the airport. One week in Brazil was long enough for him. He gets into his rent-a-car and pulls out of the parking, hitting the car to his right on his way out.

As he adjusts his stereo system to blast his favourite collection of Eurodance tracks (follow this link if you dare) , Mike manages to merge without looking into the freeway. He stradles two lanes as he makes his way to the airport.

Eventually making his way to the parking, Mike takes up four parking spaces and exits his car.

He tosses his keys in the air and misses the catch. He looks around to make sure it went unnoticed before picking them up and trying again. He calls in english to the nearest teenage employee of the parking complex, who responds in broken english.

"Hey kid, come carry my bags for me."
"Que-eugh. I don't think I -eugh- do that?"
"What do you mean? I do this every time. Trust me kid. I know what I'm talking about."
"Eugh, I-eugh didn't never do it -eugh- before!"
"Listen. You carry my bags and I give you a nice tip. Now you can do it nicely, or you can keep wasting my time until I have to go get your boss."
"Eugh. Yes yes, okay, eugh, I sorry sir."

Mike gets the kid to bring his five pieces of luggage to the airport check-in area.

"This'll be good right here. Here, I got something for you." Mike unzips one of his pieces of lugages (all of which are labled "For Poor Unfortunates Of The World"). It is completely full of identical t-shirts. Mike hands one to the parking attendant."

Mike starts making his way before looking back at the kid.
"Oh. By the way. It's hand-wash only."

Now, as he makes his way to his check-in area, he feels ready to share his gift with the world.
That gift... is Mike.
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The trip was wonderful. And, for Montana...a part of his spirit had finaly been found. They had heard about the trip from one of his old friends. A fellow wanderer, who happened to litteraly run into Montana. The trip to the airport, and on the plane to Brasilla was wonderful. He spent the intire time getting to know Aimi. And, spent most of the time helping her with her english.

During the time of the trip. The two had bonded quickly. And, what began as a simple chance meeting. Blossomed into that joy beyond joys. That gift beyond gifts. It had blossomed into love. The trip was finalized with one simple desicion. She would become a dual citizine. Moving home with him to be with the man she loved.

Montana had changed during the trip. The gravle was still in his voice. But, the soul inside him had changed. It had become calmer, and less willing to ramble. It was not, as he believed a place he was looking for. Montana was looking for his heart. And Aimi had held it within her the intire time.

After stepping off the plane and heading into the baggage area. Montana smiled and turned to Aimi pulling her into his arms, the old backwoods rambler gave her a deep loving kiss.
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Dash O’Justice lounged in a deck chair as an attendant brought him another drink. He thanked the young man and gave him a couple extra coins. Taking a quick taste he set the glass down on a short table next to him and leaned back with both hands behind his head. With a wide smile, Dash enjoyed looking at the exotic scenery as he kicked white sand with his feet.

Completing the last mission, which left more than half of the city stomped flat by towering monstrosities, Dash had to do a lot of explaining. After the debriefing Dash thought a little rest and relaxation would do him good and perhaps he could get to a little debriefing of his own. Looking over the scenery again, he knew he made the right choice. He grabbed his drink and took another sip, releasing a loud audible, "AHHH", as he nestled back into the chair.

Suddenly his watch, sitting on the table next to him, winks on and it’s LED face lights up. A voice can be heard, emitted by the tiny speakers, "CONTROL to Dash, come in Dash." Dash looked at the pale ring of white skin on his wrist and then to the table next to him. "CONTROL to Dash, come in Dash." Dash’s smile disappears as he contemplates ignoring the summons. "CONTROL to Dash. Hey pick up Dash, we see you sitting there. You can’t ignore us!"

Dash frowns and sighs. Slipping the watch back onto his wrist, he grabs the face between his thumb and index finger. Bringing the watch up to his mouth he says, "Dash to CONTROL, go ahead CONTROL."

"Dash, would you please explain what you are doing."

"Certainly CONTROL, I’m in Brazil, preparing for the next mission."

"Dash, you’re not preparing. You’re sitting on the beach drinking a cocktail!"

"That’s how I prepare, CONTROL. I’m taking in the exotic scenery."

"Dash, you were supposed to be in Brasilia two days ago. We show you in Rio de Janeiro."

"I thought you guys knew everything. Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil!"

"Brasilia Brazil, Dash. It’s the capital city of Brazil. You were supposed to be in Brasilia Brazil two days ago to attend the conference!"

"What?! Brasilia? I thought you were just saying Brazil twice, once in Portuguese and another in English. Why I’m not even sure where in Brazil, Brasilia is."

"Dash, the coordinates, maps and all other pertinent information has already been uploaded to your communicator. Didn’t you read up on the new upgrades after we repaired it?"

"Um, no. I’ve been too busy."

"Busy?! Doing what? Sitting on the beach? Listen, we also have upgraded your communicator with a camera. So we know where you are and what you have been doing."

"Really? You saw what I did last night?" Dash said smiling again.

"Cough, cough, cough! Ahem! Um… Yes. Just bring up the map and get to the conference."

Dash pushes a few buttons and looks at the display. "Hey! Brasilia isn’t next to the ocean! How am I supposed to take in the exotic scenery while I’m in Brazil?"

"You aren’t. Get to Brasilia or you’re going to have to pay for the trip and everything yourself."

"On my way, Dash out." Dash grumbled to himself. He was not happy, that is until more exotic scenery walked by.

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