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Wayward Child
Aug 28, 2006 23:46 (PostID: 83422)  This post last edited on Aug 29, 2006 19:27     Like this postNumber of Likes0
BEHOLD: The Super columbian disco jesus of amazement + 5

This is like the fifth time ive watch this video in the past few minutes, its amazing; he can switch from a guitar to a saxophone in under three frames, and at one point jumps up a full story... backwards! This guy is my new religious figure *not really...* he is my hero now!!! all hail disco jesus of amazement + 5!!!

Also, post anything strange you thing of while watching this video, its amazing what this video provokes <.< GOD he has such a great voice range!!! sweet 70's designer restaurants!!!

This must be the fifth or six time ive watched this... its mesmorizing, i cant stop watching... and laughing periodically <.<

I pried myself away from the first video to find this one, its not nearly as funny.. but that guy in green is quite creepy... back to watching disco jesus!! :D

I just noticed that in the first video.. NONE os the people are playing their instruments, and the guy with the sax seems to think its actually a guitar O_________o

this has forced me to make him a permantant npc in all of my games... he resides deep within the elemental plane of 70's religeous figures, fawned over by elder disco elementals O___o

the counts somewhere around 40 now, its impossible that i have been entertained this long by a simple video like this... but its happening anyway.
Wayward Child
Sep 5, 2006 21:52 (PostID: 85057)   Like this postNumber of Likes0
A few more :)

Rest in peace, mate. "KRIKEY"

And THIS one is just amazing.

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