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First, pick any two classes. Then:

Hit Dice
Choose the larger Hit Die. A monk/sorcerer would use d8 as her Hit Die and have 8 hit points (plus Constitution modifier) at 1st level, for example.

Base Attack Bonus
Choose the better progression from the two classes.

Base Saving Throw Bonuses
For each save bonus, choose the better progression from the two classes. For example, a 1st-level gestalt fighter/wizard would have base saving throw bonuses of Fortitude +2, Reflex +0, Will +2—taking the good Fortitude save from the fighter class and the good Will save from the wizard class.

Class Skills
Combine the class skills lists of the two classes for purposes of selecting skills for training.

Class Features
A gestalt character gains the class features of both classes. Class- and ability-based restrictions (such as arcane spell failure chance and a druid’s prohibition on wearing metal armor) apply normally to a gestalt character, no matter what the other class is.

A gestalt character follows a similar procedure when he attains 2nd and subsequent levels. Each time he gains a new level, he chooses two classes, takes the best aspects of each, and applies them to his characteristics. A few caveats apply, however.

Class features that two classes share (such as uncanny dodge) accrue at the rate of the faster class. Gestalt characters with more than one spellcasting class keep track of their spells per day separately.

A gestalt character can’t combine two prestige classes at any level, although it’s okay to combine a prestige class and a regular class. Please see me (the DM) with your ideas for gestalt prestige classes if you have any.

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